Hi-Opt II

The Hi-Opt II counting system was invented Lance Humble in 1976 and given massive publicity in his masterpiece book, The World's Greatest Blackjack Book. Actually it is a "remake" of the very popular Hi-Opt 1 system. However it is more difficult than the latter and considered the most powerful and accurate card counting system available.


Differences between both the versions

  • The primary disparity between both the versions is that in Hi-Opt 1 system has the values 2 and 7 as neutral cards, here they are low cards.
  • Another difference between the two systems is that also some cards like 4 & 5 and 10 & J are worth + 2 or - 2 count points per individual card respectively. This makes it trickier to track because there are also -1 and +1 valued cards to also track.

Both versions are objective i.e. when you begin the count off at 0 at the commencement of the deck, you should have a concluding count of 0 at the end because the - and + counted scores annul each other.

Hi-Opt II Card Counting Strategy

Similar to every card counting technique, Hi-Opt II commences with the memorising of a fundamental tactic. The fundamental strategy is a record of the right moves that will not fail to make any hard fighting player come out tops on the casino table;

For example, the following scenario can play out;

  • 1. Card J is played: The count is -2
  • 2. Card 6 is played: The count is 1
  • 3. Card 2 is played: The count is 2
  • 4. Card 10 is played: The count is zero. And so on...

Perfecting Your Skills

It is imperative that one familiarizes oneself with the counts even before learning betting on this system. The best and proven method to do this is by working through the cards one after the other from a solitary deck of cards and practice counts. It might take numerous practice rounds prior to mastering the running count and then later the side counts.

Hi Opt II being a impartial system, after working through the whole deck one should be able to read the count as 0.