The Advice How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most famous and playable games in the world. From the time of its origin till today it is a success in million players all over the world. In recent times with the emergence of online casinos blackjack gamblers receive an opportunity to play their favorite game at home. All is needed is to turn on the computer and make several clicks of the mouse. Accept a invitation from a internet casino plus play free online blackjack.

The aim of a Game

The main thing a player has to do is to beat a dealer. But a total score of you hand shouldn't exceed 21, otherwise you lose. If a gambler and a dealer have blackjack it is called "push". In this case none wins and loses. Who has the biggest total value of cards not exceeding 21 - win.


Any hand of two cards with a total value of 21 is called '"blackjack". It pays 3:2. The only case when a player doesn't receive a payout is when a dealer has 21-hand.

Card Values

  • s - 10s - according to their value;
  • Jack, Queen, King - 10;
  • Ace - 1 or 11.

Types of Hands

Hard Hand - a hand without an Ace, it has one value only.

Soft Hand - a hand with an Ace, its value can be changed.

Blackjack Table

It is semi-circle table with separate circles or squares for each player.

How to Play Blackjack

  • It is played with one or more (till 8) decks of cards.
  • Place your bet before dealing the cards (the amount of online bets start with $1 and rises to $100, and the highest bet point in some online casinos is $500).
  • After placing a bet click "Deal" and receive your cards.
  • In Atlantic City Blackjack and Vegas Strip game may over very quickly as the croupier can peek the presence of blackjack in his hand, if there is such the game is over.

Professional gamblers use basic strategy and card counting while playing. It is a set of recommendations how to play with each hand in a game - how to play soft and hard hands, when double down, split and surrender.

The best way to practice basic strategy is playing online blackjack. You are sitting in cozy place, with your favorite cup of fragrant coffee, there is no casino staff behind you and you can fully enjoy the game!