KO Count

Olaf Vancura and Ken Fuchs are the creators of KO; the term KO is also known as Knock Out. They revealed KO strategy in their book devised for using KO system in Cards. KO counting strategy for cards is one of the extremely popular card counting strategies used for blackjack players. KO card involves using an unbalanced count. This means that counting through the entire deck will not produce a total of zero at the end of the deck unlike Hi-Lo system. This process will however produce a total of 4 at the end.


In order to make the KO card counting strategy work one would need to learn the value of each card so that they do not get the wrong count. The need to memorize the values of each card is also important or else the system would not work effectively. The following are the values of each card in the deck:

A close study of the table reveals a difference from the Hi-Lo system. Card 7 here has a value of +1 allocated to it whereas it is zero for the latter. Therefore this tilts the count on the favor of the positive (+4).

It is pertinent to mention here that memorizing counting the cards is very important in order to not miss out on the tally of the cards at any time, a situation which is unfortunately too common and which cause players to lose money unnecessarily.


  • Running Total - Being the most important tool in gauging one's true position in play, it should be utilized adequately; when the running total reaches +2, it is the pivot point. This shows that one is at an advantage and therefore it means that one can raise stakes at that time. However if it reaches -2, this spells the opposite and one should reduce their stakes till the pivot point is reached again.
  • Insurance Betting ¬- This is used by those who are adept on the betting game and KO advises that when the running total reaches +3, one can take insurance.