Famous Blackjack Players on Our Online Blackjack Site

A lot of people made a great contribution in the development of world most popular card game blackjack. Some of them improved its rules, others strategy, some worked out the design of online casinos and the most prominent developed skills and theory of a game.

Outstanding Blackjack Players

  • Edward Thorp. A famous American mathematician professor and lecturer at MIT. He was one of the first scientists who learned programming language FORTRAN with the help of which he could do different calculations. He was the first person in world who used computer for gabling aims. In his book "Beat the Dealer" he proved the blackjack can be beaten with the help of Mathematics. He experimented on his theory in real life in Las Vegas and won a lot of money.
  • Ken Uston. He is one of the most famous developers of blackjack. He was very notorious in many casinos for this, so he was obliged to change his appearance and image very often. With his team he won millions, as he was very successful with his technique.
  • Steve Forte. A professional blackjack gambler who published a book "Read the Dealer" and shared his experience how to "beat the house".
  • Stanford Wong. The author of a popular strategy "wong-ing". According to this technique, a player watches the game and count cards aside and then sit at the table. You can find and read his printer and online bestsellers.
  • J. P. Massar, Bill Caplan. MIT Graduates developed teams of blackjack players.
  • Ken Smith. Famous blackjack player, who shares his knowledge mostly on the websites.
  • Peter Griffin. The author of "The Theory of Blackjack" and a teacher of professional blackjack courses.
  • KeithTaft . His main contribution in blackjack development is that he perfected portable computers so they could work as card counting machines.
  • Brian Zembic. He is a very colorful player, as he had done breast implant surgery to improve his playing skills.

In every sphere of life there are special talented people, who are recognizable and honored for their talents and techniques. In blackjack they are the members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.