Blackjack games are one of the extremely popular card games found in casinos now-a-days. Be it for professional purposes or just for relaxing, blackjack has appealed people of all age groups and from different walks of life. Blackjack games have achieved a cult status and are one of the genuinely appreciated casino games to date.

The Tournament Proper

Unlike in traditional tournaments where the player is put up in opposition to the dealer, blackjack tournaments are situations that depict how a player's successes and failures affect the other players of the game. In other words the successes and failures of players in the game go a long way in determining how the game goes for anyone involved. In blackjack play tournament, keeping pace with "the Joneses" is of utmost importance. The blackjack tournament is won only when a single player is left. Thus, it is imperative that each tournament player tries to out earn and outlast all the opposition.

You may play blackjack tournaments on internet or in live casinos. These tournaments can include a number of blackjack tables or alternatively they may be played on a single table. The tournament either has a set fee chargeable to each player or a buy-in. The tournament players commence the game with equal amounts of money each. This is different from standard casino blackjack games wherein the players are permitted to buy-in for amounts of their choice, as long as it is within the table limits.

Types of Tournament Play

Blackjack Tournaments can be played either as a profession or hobby. Whereas some would want to start playing Blackjack tournaments as a past time, it is discovered that migration to the professional realm is a matter of time as players tend to appreciate the finer nuances of the intricate game.

Compared with Standard Casino Blackjack Rules

When compared to standard casino blackjack rules, some facts should be understood. For example, the major difference is the rotating of "dealers" and fixed buy-in. However some similarities stand out which include:

  • Both Traditional and Tournament games have the blackjack hands play in opposition to the dealer.
  • Each player contests with the house dealer for the better hand without exceeding 21. The same rule of where the dealer goes bust and the player gets paid and the dealer's hand amounting to the player's and the latter losing his wager all apply hold true here.