Everybody knows that Blackjack is a card game where you have to get as close to twenty-one as you can, and you have to beat the dealer. It is a very serious game and there is usually not a lot of talking going on because the players are trying to count and figure if they should stay or bet. In Vegas, on blackjack tables a lot of money can change hands in a blink of an eye. Some of the players have money to burn and do not miss a few thousand dollars while others have very little to loose. Away from the cards and the tables, you will find humor and people making jokes about what they lost or won. Here are a couple of them that will tickle your funny bone.

Blackjack joke #1 One time offer

A local alligator park whose owner was a rich casino proprietor was celebrating the casino's 25th anniversary. The party was held over the alligator swamps, which were surrounded by bridges where people could view the animals. At the party the casino proprietor, who was quite drunk, looked at his 35-year-old unwed daughter, and decided to make an offer.

"My guests," he stated, "I am going to make a one time only offer. If any man is able to swim through my alligator swamp, I will let you become my son-in-law, give a couple of million dollars, and part interest in my casino. Just as the man is saying part interest in his casino, there is a splash, followed by a a poor soul swimming, panting and pushing his way through the mud and murky water to get to the bridge where the rich casino owner is standing.

"WOW," exclaims the casino proprietor. "That was not only unexpected, it was unbelievably fast." As promised the casino proprietor offers his daughter's hand in marriage, calls his banker to get a transfer ready, and his lawyer to get a deed for 10% interest in his casino ready.

"I don't need your money, your daughter, or part interest in your casino" Says the wet, muddy gentleman, who happens to be a professional blackjack player at the man's casino. "I just want to find the asshole that pushed me in!"

Blackjack joke #2 Pack your bags

A man comes quickly into his house and shouts, "Dorothy, pack up all your bags! I have won $400,000 in blackjack!" His wife laughs in glee and runs down! She says, "That's wonderful my dear, shall I pack for Paris or Caribbean?" He says, "I don't care? Just ensure that by midnight you have left my house for ever!"

We hope that you enjoyed these two jokes and that either made your laugh or at least smile. Have fun at the blackjack table and win a lot of money.